Temple Location & Temple History

Sri Sitaramachndra swamy vari Devasthanam  was located in Maddivalasa village  in Vangara Mandal , Srikakulam District  in Andhra Pradesh. Once upon a time this is a village having   60 Brahmin families  who  regularly perform the “ Vedaadyanam”  and “Nithyaagnihotram”  and “Nithya  Devathaarchana”as part of their  routine activity beside agriculture.  All these families are  Dravidians and popularly known as “ Toorpu Dravidulu”

Because of social changes that took place most of these families were migrated to nearest cities/towns for education and employment   and were settled as Government employees. One more reason for this migration is the Estate abolition act because of which most of the families lost their agriculture lands Now hardly there are any Brahmin families in the village.

The Sitaramachandra swamy vari temple was constructed in 1990 with the great efforts put in by Sri. Ayalasomayajula Surya Kameswara Rao garu (Present chairperson of the Devasthanam Trust) along with other villagers and also with the financial and execution support of earlier migrated families.

“Vigraha Prathistapana” was done the auspicious day i.e “Bheeshma Ekaadhasi” day   27th February 1990 by Sri A.S Kameswra Rao gau. Big number of participants in this event made the event a great successes.

How to Reach

  1.  Nearest Airport                     :      Visakhapatnam

2.  Nearest Railway Stations    :      Vizianagaram or Cheepurupalli in Visakhapatnam                                                                                                                                                                                                   Howrah route  and Parvathipuram  in Visakahatanam Raipur route

  1. Nearest Bus Station             :       Rajam  and Parvathipuram-

                                                             There are frequent buses from Visakhapatnam to Rajam and Parvathipuram.                                                                                                                                                    From  Rajam there are buses to Koppara, Bangaruvalasa, Rushingi via Maddivalasa.                                                                                                                                      From Parvathipuram to Vangara via Maddivalasa.


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