To provide accommodation and boarding facilities for the visitors  we thought of construct a building in Maddivalasa  and the same my be used  to provide accommodation  for Archaka family.  Sri Dhavala  Suryanaraya Murthy  son of Late Dhavala Kasipathi came forward and offered their vacant land in the village to construct Guest House.  My blessings to them and their families.  Family members of my brother ( Late Somasekharam)  expressed their wish to construct a 2 storied building in that land and donate to Trust. Construction was completed and given to trust in 2018. My blessing to them and their families. Now this building is available for visitors.  

Those who are planning to visit the temple may please contact our trust members ( contacts available in website) in advance to ensure the accommodation and boarding arrangements were done for comfortable stay.

 We accept donation inform of cheques, cash and demand drafts and online transfers to our account. Please be in touch with our trust to get the related bank details.

I request all to come forward and participate in trust activities and temple  events and extend support to maintain this temple in most religious pattern.

Besides the donations and participation I also request to give Ideas, thoughts and plans to improve temple and maintain much better way.